Bloodborne header screenshot

The latest Bloodborne Remastered PS5 leaked screenshots are fake

A set of screenshots from a supposedly remastered version of Bloodborne surfaced yesterday. Additionally, some people claimed that Bloodborne Remastered will be announced today at Sony’s State of Play event. And while we don’t have any insight into this, we can definitely say that the leaked screenshots are fake.

You can find the supposedly leaked screenshots here. The first thing that makes these screenshots appear fake is the last two letters. For some reason, the one that photoshopped these images used different font sizes for the last two letters (“E” and “D”).

Not only that, but one of the screenshots is from a fan remake we shared a while back. Yes, someone has used an Unreal Engine 4 fan remake in order to fool people into thinking that this is Bloodborne Remastered.

So yeah, don’t get your hopes up yet guys. There have been some rumors that there is a remaster of Bloodborne in the making for PC and PS5. Still, these images are fake. Not only that but NVIDIA’s GeForce Now leak did not include Bloodborne. Thus, we suggest tempering your expectations.

Stay tuned for more!