Black Mesa: Source Leaked Footage Has Been Taken Down, New Proper Footage To Be Unveiled Shortly

Remember that leaked gameplay footage of Black Mesa: Source? Well, as you can see the video has been taken down. According to the team, they were always intending to release a video, and this was an early cut that wasn’t meant to be posted. However, the team strongly feels that it should be on their own terms; it shouldn’t be a way for an unrelated third-party to drum up their own publicity. Obviously the team is speaking about ValveTime, as rumor has it that they didn’t discuss with the Black Mesa team the terms for releasing that video.
As a result of that – and given the fact that the footage was not as good as the team hoped to – Black Mesa team’s lead developer, Raminator, will re-upload the video to their own YouTube channel in 1080p.
The team is also considering recording an updated version that addresses the feedback they’ve received, but nothing is certain at this point.
In case you’ve been wondering, the leaked footage was from the latest build of the game.
We’ll be sure to post the updated video the moment it gets out, so stay tuned to DSOG!