Black Mesa Soundtrack coming in the following days; mod to be released two weeks afterwards

It’s been a couple of months since our last feature of Black Mesa, right? Well, as we informed you back in January, the team behind Black Mesa would be releasing first its soundtrack and then the full game would follow. The gap between the soundtrack and the mod was said to be around two weeks. And it seems that the Black Mesa team is getting ready for a Summer release, as the soundtrack is expected to be released in the following days.
Joel Nielsen is the composer and sound designer of the Black Mesa mod. Back in March, Joel revealed that the soundtrack has gone Gold and today, the composer has created a page for it. This page is a placeholder at this point, as the soundtrack is not available yet (but will be in the coming days). As Joel writes:
“Black Mesa soundtrack is available for download, in full, below. You can download each song individually, or download the entire soundtrack in a zip file.”
The Black Mesa team has been more active in their Twitter and Facebook accounts, something that should not pass unnoticed. In other words, it’s coming and as we said back in January, this is not a joke.
So, if – hypothetically – the soundtrack gets released next week, we should expect Black Mesa to hit the Net in mid-May. Given the fact that there will definitely be a small delay to it, we can pretty much say that a Summer release looks very likely.
Stay tuned for more!