Black Mesa Beta is now complete, from start to finish, and is available for download

And the time has finally come for all Half-Life fans. No no no, Valve has not announced Half-Life 3… yet. However, Crowbar Collective has released the complete version of Black Mesa in a beta form.

What this means is that PC gamers can get the entire Half-Life experience in Black Mesa. Black Mesa Complete Beta features all the levels from the first Half-Life games, including older and new levels for Xen.

As we reported in a previous article, Black Mesa was a bit more demanding than what we were anticipating. Crowbar Collective was aware of these performance issues and has been working on them since then. According to the team, the latest beta version of Black Mesa improves performance across the game, and targets specific areas to increase the frame rate on all machines.

Going into slightly more details, the latest beta version of Black Mesa also changes grenade aim point to be center screen for easier aiming. It also brings tons of small changes and fixes to the “Gonarch’s Lair” chapter, a number of bug fixes and more.

In order to gain access to the beta version of Black Mesa, you’ll have to follow this guide:

  • Select “Black Mesa” in your library
  • Right click and go to properties
  • Select the “BETAS” tab at the top right
  • Click the drop down and select “public-beta”

Lastly, you can find the complete changelog for Black Mesa Complete Beta here.