Bioware’s New IP Revealed – PC Exclusive, Will Be Called “Shadow Realms”, Co-Op 4V1 RPG, Will Release Episodically [UPDATE]

Electronic Arts has unveiled Bioware’s new IP, Shadow Realms. Shadow Realms will be an action RPG that is inspired by Bioware’s classic PC games. This new title will be coming exclusively on the PC, and its closed alpha phase will be launched later this year.

Shadow Realms is an Online Co-Op Action RPG and revolves around Co-Op 4v1 Shadowlord PvP, meaning that players will need an Internet Connection in order to enjoy it. The game will be released episodically.

Shadow Realms has its genesis in old school Dungeons & Dragons, and ultimately aims bring the magic of tabletop RPGs to the digital realm.

As Bioware’s James Ohle said:

“When I first started designing BioWare RPGs back in the 90s, what drove me creatively was the desire to give players the experience I had while playing pen and paper games as a youth. The great storytelling, the feeling that anything could happen – these were experiences that you couldn’t find in any other game. And the great thing was that these adventures never had an end. A good Dungeon Master could keep a story going for months or even years.”

Those interested can sign up for the closed beta here.

All in all, Shadow Realms is definitely not the next big ‘Mass Effect’ thing. Still, the game sounds interesting so let’s see what Bioware has in store for us!


Here are the first screenshots (thanks Continue-Play). Kudos to our reader ‘Sikandar Ali’ for informing us!


4 Minutes of Shadow Realms Gameplay - Gamescom 2014