Bioshock: Infinite’s First DLC Will Feature A New AI Companion

Bioshock Infinite v5
Even though we don’t know when Bioshock: Infinite’s first DLC will hit the Internet, we’ve just found out some more details about it. According to the linkedin page of Michael Shahan, senior animator at 2K Games, the first DLC of Bioshock: Infinite will feature a new AI companion.
According to his page, Shahan was the primary animation resource for the Bioshock Infinite DLC. During this period, Shahan learned the custom pipeline used by Irrational Games and provided all animation planning and management for the project.
Shahan was responsible for:
• Cataloging of existing Bioshock animation assets and custom UDK implementation
• Creating cinematic and in-game motion capture asset tracking docs
• Providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character
• Managing outsource animation from the 2K Australia Studio
Question now is what this new AI companion could actually be? Songbird? Daisy Fitzroy? Or Rosalind Lutece? And since Shahan was responsible for this new companion, could this mean that this companion will be able to fight alongside Booker?
We’ll be sure to keep you posted about Bioshock: Infinite’s DLCs, so stay tuned for more!