Bethesda will offer for free Fallout Classic Collection to Fallout 76 owners

Bethesda has announced that it will be giving away Fallout Classic Collection to all Fallout 76 owners that have logged into the game in 2018. As such, those that buy the game in 2019 will not be able to acquire this collection for free.

Our guess is that this is a free gift that may, perhaps, boost the game’s sales in 2018 (after all, some gamers are interested in the old Fallout games so giving them away for free with Fallout 76 is a clever move).

Bethesda claimed that the free copies of Fallout Classic Collection will be sent in January 2019, so make sure to keep an eye in your inbox for an email from the publisher.

Fallout Classic Collection features Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.