Battlezone: Combat Commander – 1.6GB of 3D assets available to modders for free

Rebellion has made 1.6GB of 3D assets from Battlezone: Combat Commander available to all players on the game’s website. As the press release reads, eager modders can now access the 3D models and textures for all of the remastered buildings, characters and vehicles for free.

Released on March 1st, Battlezone: Combat Commander remasters strategy classic Battlezone 2 for a new generation. The original game fostered a passionate modding community for close to almost 20 years. Rebellion wants to ensure modders can carry on creating superb new content for Battlezone: Combat Commander – and their creations might even earn them prizes!

A month-long modding competition, running until April 22nd, will give fans the opportunity to show off their skills. And, thanks to AMD and Chillblast, modders who create the very best content could win themselves a high performance Ryzen 5 CPU and a limited edition Chillblast PC case in beautiful Battlezone: Combat Commander livery.

Battlezone: Combat Commander is available now on Steam and, offering slick new visuals, cross-play multiplayer for up to 14 players, achievements and of course support for the game’s two-decade old modding scene.