Battlefield Hardline – Visceral Games Reveals Community’s Most Wanted List

Visceral Games shared today a list of Battlefield: Hardline’s community most wanted things/features. This list – which is the fruit of the game’s open beta phase – details 10 features that will be implemented in the final version of Battlefield: Hardline.

Do note that earlier this month, Visceral Games revealed 10 additional features that will be featured in Battlefield: Hardline, meaning that the development team has addressed 20 things that were reported by its beta testers.

According to the new list, Battlefield: Hardline will feature less explosions, the mechanic class will be renamed and rebalanced, the in-game HUD and customize menu will be further tweaked/adjusted/enhanced, the world will be deeper and more interactive and all rounds will last longer thanks to some tweaks that Visceral Games has implemented.

In addition, Visceral Games will increase health for almost all vehicles, will improve audio situational awareness, will fix a bug that caused medkits and ammo boxes to block line of sight checks during character revives, and will also improve interrogation.

Battlefield: Hardline is currently planned for an October 21st release.