Battlefield 4 Poster Suggests An October 31st Release, Hints At First DLC

Battlefield 4 v2
A new BF4 poster from an EB Games pre-order list has been leaked today, suggesting that DICE’s upcoming shooter will be released at the end of October. EB Games is an Australian website, therefore we’re currently looking at an October 31st release for Australia, October 29th release for the US and November 1st for Europe.
Not only that, but this poster hints at the first DLC that will be coming with Battlefield 4. According to the poster, this first DLC will be called Drone Strike, and will be available to all premium members.
Yeap, as BF3 did in the past, BF4 will support a Premium Pass that will offer to all those who purchase it exclusive uniforms, weapons, as well as access to exclusive expansions.
Naturally, BF4 will support Battlelog 2.0, a service that has been hinted a while back. The poster suggests that Battlelog 2.0 will track every shot, every opponent and every detailĀ of your online BF experience.
As always, take everything you just read with a grain of salt, though everything seems valid at this point.
Kudos to BF4Central and PCGamer for spotting it.