Battlefield 3 – Venice Unleashed Will Bring Mods To DICE’s FPS, Closed Beta Enlistments Open

Battlefield 3 v8
Battlefield fans, this is for you. Modder NoFate announced that he and his team have opened the enlistment system for their highly anticipated project for Battlefield 3, Venice Unleashed. Those interested can head over to its website and sign up for the closed beta that will be launched – hopefully – soon.
Venice Unleashed promises to let you have control over a wide set of features and settings that were initially hidden from you. In other words, those using this mod will be able to create servers without the blue tint, or with limited destruction, or without supression.
But that’s not all. Venice Unleashed will feature an Extension System, which exposes lots of engine/game functions and abilities. Thus, players will be able to create their own unique mods and gamemodes, without the need of performing complicated and game-breaking file modifications. Yeap, modding is coming – via this unofficial method – to BF3.
Last but not least, Venice Unleashed will feature a Spectator Mode, as well as a functional Commo Rose and many more previously hidden, half-implemented or disabled game features.
It’s ironic, but NoFate is doing what DICE has failed to accomplish.Not only that, but it also proves that the development team did not release BF3’s modding tools on purpose and not because modders would have a ‘difficult time figuring them out‘.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more!