Battlefield 3 PC gets the anticipated server update; AA missiles fixed, tank armor strength tweaked

DICE and Electronic Arts have released the highly anticipated server update for the PC version of Battlefield 3. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, this update fixes the AA and TV missiles, and tweaks the tank armor strength. The update is applied automatically and you won’t have to do anything at all. As always, you can view below its complete changelog. Enjoy!
Battlefield 3 PC Server Update Changelog:
* Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds
* Fixed TV Missile doing much more damage than it should (it is no longer a 1-hit kill)
* Tweaked tank armor strength
* MAV elevatoring fix, round 2; proning on the MAV will now disable it
* RCON admin.say command can send to individual players
* A few invalid map+gamemode combinations in maplist.txt could crash the server on startup; these combinations are now rejected instead
* RCON vars.serverDescription was not returning anything in R20 if the string was not set; this has been changed to return “” instead
* RCON player.onChat now reports the target player subset