Battlefield 3 – GDC 2012 will bring new things to the table, PC patch will come with optimizations

GDC 2012 is about to start, but what does this mean for our beloved Swedish developer that is behind the Battlefield series? Although we don’t have a lot of information, we do know that GDC 2012 will bring more and new things to the table. When a fan expressed his thoughts about DICE’s latest decisions, Daniel Matros responded and said that this was one of the reasons that DICE decided to release the big fixlist. Not only that, but Daniel re-confirmed that GDC2012 will be interesting for all Battlefield 3 fans.
It’s really hard to guess though what new things will be brought to the table. New expansion or DLC perhaps? We know that EA and DICE are working on a DLC, so will they reveal it in a couple of days? Let’s not forget that EA’s conference is later today, so will the big publisher reveal anything at all? We also know that DICE’s Rendering Architect, Johan Andersson, will be present in this year’s GDC and will talk about the new terrain that was used in BF3 and about what DICE has been working on for FB2. Will Andersson hint at something new about BF3 in his speech?
On the other hand, Daniel Matros revealed that the upcoming huge patch will come with some PC optimizations. Some users have been reporting performance issues, even with high-end PC configurations. Some of them experienced low GPU usage and scaling on SLI systems and according to Daniel, the new patch will bring some optimization changes. Good news then for those of you with performance issues.
No release date has been announced as of yet for BF3’s huge patch. Stay tuned for more!