Battlefield 3: DICE banned this week a ‘significant number of BF3 cheaters’

Cheaters. We’ve played against them, we hate them. These people are the main reason we’ve stopped playing BF3 and thankfully, DICE has already started taking care of them. We knew that the company has been banning some of them and we are happy to report that this week, DICE has banned  a significant number of BF3 cheaters. This is reasurring – to say the least – and we hope that the company will keep it up. After all, Battlefield 3 was full of cheaters these past weeks.
This was revealed by both Daniel Matros and the game’s official FaceBook page:
“In our largest crackdown yet, this week sees us banning a significant number of cheaters. Because you deserve a fair game.”
Good news then. In other news, the developers have revealed – via BF3’s FB page – that a fix is on its way for the VOIP issue that some Battlefield 3 players have experienced on PS3 and that it will be released pretty soon!