Battlefield 2021 leaked screenshots-1

Battlefield 2021/Battlefield 6 leaked GIFs show the game in action

Yesterday, we shared some leaked screenshots from the upcoming reveal trailer of Battlefield 2021/Battlefield 6. And today, some GIFs have been leaked from that trailer that show the game in action.

Now as with the leaked screenshots, these GIFs are of low quality. Moreover, and since they are GIFs, they don’t show much. Still, we are pretty sure that most Battlefield fans will find them cool.

From what we know so far, Battlefield 2021/Battlefield 6 will release on both current-gen & old-gen platforms. The game will be using the latest version of the Frostbite Engine, and promises to deliver a “true next-gen experience“.

Battlefield 2021 will have maps with a day/night cycle and dynamic weather. Players will also be able to customize nearly every single aspect of the weapons.

In this new BF game, Levolution will be present and will be more than a gimmick. According to the well-known Battlefield/Call of Duty leaker, Tom Henderson, Levolution will be more like a part of the core game, and will affect its gameplay.

The game will have skins and cosmetics, so expect EA to monetize them via MTX. Some of them are ronin helmet, juggernaut suit, cool body armours, armour on the shoulders, and more.

EA plans to officially reveal Battlefield 2021 in June 2021.

Stay tuned for more!