Batman: Arkham Origins Now Available, Nvidia Releases Graphics & Performance Guide

Batman Arkham Origins v3

Batman: Arkham Origins has just been released, and Nvidia’s Andrew Iain Burnes has informed us about an interesting article that covers the graphical settings of it. Batman: Arkham Origins supports tessellation (for Batman’s cape and snow), a new DOF technique, TXAA, PhysX effects, HBAO+ and┬áPercentage Closer Soft Shadows. According to Andrew, only PhysX and TXAA are exclusive to Nvidia cards (and HBAO+ as its an Nvidia technique), meaning that all other techniques should work with other GPUs.

Batman: Arkham Origins is not using PhysX 3.0, so we’re really curious to see whether the PhysX scaling is as bad as it was in the previous Batman titles or not.

Stay tuned for our Performance Analysis that will go live sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, go ahead and take a look at Nvidia’s article and enjoy the game’s launch trailer.