Batman: Arkham City PC Slightly Delayed

I seriously don’t know whether or not this bad news. Batman fans – and especially those located in US – will have to wait a little longer, as Steam has moved the game’s European and US release date to November 25th and November 18th, respectively. Of course those located in the land of the free will be quite disappointed, but fear not as a lot of PC games are coming these days.
Both Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third are coming next week and let’s not forget Rockstar’s adventure game, L.A. Noire. You’ll definitely have some games to play, so there are no worries here. In fact, it’s a great idea to delay the game as it would otherwise flop -sales wise.
Batman: Arkham City PC was originally slated for a November 15th release. Arkham City’s PC version will feature DX11 support, as well as Nvidia’s PhysX and 3D Vision.