Avalanche Studios – “2015 set to be the biggest year”, “several surprises planned for next year”

Avalanche Studios sent us a press release regarding its expansion, in which the team responsible for the Just Cause series revealed that it has several surprises planned for next year and that 2015 will be its biggest year, ever.

2015 is set to be the biggest year since the inception of Avalanche Studios more than a decade ago. Next year, players will be able to roam the lethal open-world wasteland of Mad Max.” said Avalanche and continued:

“In addition, theHunter is on a record breaking streak. More than a million players have signed up for the world’s most realistic wildlife experience since the Steam introduction earlier this year, bringing the total number to over 4 million.

Avalanche Studios also has several surprises planned for next year.”

It’s rumored that Avalanche is working on Just Cause 3 alongside Mad Max, though the team has not revealed anything noteworthy other than various teasers here and there.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted but from what it looks like, Just Cause 3 will not be unveiled anytime soon (and definitely not this year).