Attention PC gamers; Namco BANDAI is aware of your desire for Dark Souls

As we said earlier this week, Dark Souls PC petition could very well be the most successful online petition and get ready everyone, as we have the first response from Namco. According to Namco’s forum administrator, shoupinou, Namco is now aware of this high demand. Yeah, it was not the response you’ve all been waiting for but still, it’s a good step forward and, naturally, shoupinou expressed his gratitude to all PC gamers. So yeah, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
As shoupinou said:
“I honestly wasn’t expecting such a massive support. My boss(es) even came to talk to me about this, after it explodes all around the world. If you wanted to have the attention of Namco Bandai Games, now you have it. The future is in your hands, and I hope you will keep supporting this.”
shoupinou has also promised to inform any relevant people in Namco Bandai Games with PC gamers’ efforts.
So keep going guys, this effort could actually pay off at the end of the day!