rFactor 2 Beta footages emerge; looks amazing in motion

rFactor 2’s beta is a GO and we bet that most of you are wondering one and only thing; does this beta justify the pre-order requirement? Thankfully, some gamers that have already gained access to the beta posted some videos, so you can judge for yourselves. So, special thanks go to DOC, SKeijmel, BSNismo, OSRW and mc0676. Enjoy everyone!
rFactor 2 Formula Renault 3.5 Monaco Classic Onboard + TV Replay HD (Beta)

rFactor 2 Rain Formula Renault 3.5 Sepang Malaysia Onboard + TV + Chase Cam HD (Beta)

rFactor 2 beta - Renault Megan - Portugal (Tires temp)

rFactor 2 Beta - Megane & Portugal - onboard free test - 1.39.xxx