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Ashes of Creation is the most funded MMO on Kickstarter, raising $3,2 million in a month

Intrepid Studios announced today that over 19,000 people have pledged their support with over $3,200,000 raised during the month long Kickstarter process. Originally having a goal of just $750,000, Ashes of Creation has added every possible Stretch Goal on their road to funding.

This incredible support has led Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation to becoming the most funded MMO on Kickstarter of all time. The community support for the game is now fueling efforts by the development team and the momentum is still growing even as the Kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

Steven Sharif, CEO and Creative Director of Intrepid Studios, said:

“This is simply stunning. We cannot thank the fans of Ashes of Creation enough for their support. We promise we won’t let you down, and we’re absolutely thrilled to find so many like-minded gamers who want to see the MMORPG genre truly move forward.”

To that end, during the month of June, interested gamers can continue to pledge their support and upgrade their pledges on the Ashes of Creation website. No early bird packages will be allowed, but this extended round of pledging is intended to allow folks who could not use Kickstarter payment methods to still show their support. To make the idea even more interesting, Intrepid Studios will soon be unveiling even more stretch goals that all backers (Kickstarter or official site) will unlock.


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