ArmA 3 ARG Website Is Now Live

Reddit’s user ‘floor24’ spotted an ARG website for Bohemia Interactive’s upcoming FPS military sim game, ArmA 3. According to the Reddit-or, this website was discovered last night, by people monitoring the Gamespy Servers for any ARMA 3 servers. So far, nothing interesting has been uncovered, other than that “jerryhopper”- an ARMA dev – may be a key point in accessing the website.
PC gamers are trying their best to uncover the mysteries of this ARG. You can find discussions about it here, here and here.
Those interested can access the ARG website here.
What’s also interesting here is the number that is indicated at the top of the website. Greece’s international code is (+30) and the other ten digits seem to be from a telephone number. Moreover, (22540) is the area code for Lemnos island. Unfortunately though, this number is not registered to anyone.
As with all alternative reality games, this is quite fun to watch and hopefully Bohemia has  hidden interesting features on this website.
Let’s hope that PC gamers will be able to solve this ARG puzzle and uncover the hidden treasure!