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Areal Developers Host Reddit AMA, Turns Into A Disaster, In-Game Footage Coming This Week

Man, this is just marvellous. No seriously, West Games has managed to make all the wrong decisions with Areal’s Kickstarter campaign and things just got even worse for this studio. In order to gain gamers’ trust, West Games hosted a Reddit AMA. Now I don’t know what West Games had in mind, however this AMA event turned into a disaster.

For starters, West Games did not answer all the crucial questions that fans were asking. Not only that, but the team has – more than once – copy/pasted an answer from its FAQ. I mean, what’s the point of hosting a Reddit AMA if you’re going to paste your FAQ?

Moreover, a lot of ‘new’ Reddit accounts were suddenly appearing on this AMA, defending West Games. Now while these accounts could be legit users, it seems really ‘weird’ (to say the least) to see such new members defending a company on this social media all of a sudden.

Oh, and some of West Games’ answers were hilarious to say the least. When asked about a photo or a video featuring all members of the team, West Games had this to say.

We don’t want to present everyone to the public at the moment. Later we will tell more about the rest of the team and will continue to tell you about the development process, whilst showing our specialists.

We have few 3D designers, but we can’t reveal them publicly so far. We also use a help of autsorcing company to manage with the game sound.

Autsorcing-what? Okay, this is obviously a typo (as West Games obviously meant ‘outsourcing’). But ‘we also use a help autsorcing company to manage with the game sound’? Seriously?

West Games claimed that the first in-game pre-alpha footage of Areal will be released early next week.

All in all, this whole Areal-thing is perhaps this Summer’s most hilarious (gaming-related) thing.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!