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Arcane Dimensions HD is a 22-level expansion pack for Quake, available for download

Modder ‘metamorphosis’ has released a HD version of Arcane Dimensions for the first Quake game. Arcane Dimensions is a large expansion/complete conversion for the original Quake 1, by Simon O’callaghan and many others. This is a build of Arcane Dimensions using HD textures, sound fx, and metamorphosis’ own ~3 hour soundtrack.

Arcane Dimensions is a 22-level expansion pack for the original Quake, with some of the most intricate level design ever seen in that engine. This expansions totals roughly 9 hours of gameplay across the dimensions/levels, each of which has it’s own specific mood or theme.

This compilation brings together both Arcane Dimensions and the HD updates made by the quake community. As said, it also packs a new soundtrack as well as metamorphosis’ own retextures.

Do note that this build is not an add-on for the main Quake Epsilon build. This is a standalone release, and you can download it from here.

Have fun!