AMD’s Latest Commercial Goes Up Against Nvidia, Claims To Be THE Best PC Graphics Solution

AMD vs Nvidia
Okay, AMD has balls. I mean big, big red balls. The red team has released a new commercial in which it goes up against Nvidia. This commercial shows a PC gamer who bought a new graphics card and is facing some technical issues with his favourite games. And then, out of nowhere, a guy appears to help him out with his problems. Naturally, instead of lowering some settings, tweaking his PC or overclocking his GPU, that guy suggests him to get a new AMD card, as those cards are said to ‘be the best for PC gaming these days.’ Naturally, that’s not the only thing that happens in this commercial, so make sure to watch it. Let’s see now how Nvidia will react to it. Let the ‘commercial’ battle begin!
AMD Radeon™ Graphics Presents: The Fixer