AMD/NVIDIA Market-Share Graph Shows NVIDIA Conquering, 4 Out of 5 PC Gamers Own an NVIDIA GPU

It appears that the gap between NVIDIA and AMD widens as more and more fans are equipping their PC systems with NVIDIA’s GPUs, despite the fact that AMD has recently released a brand new GPU. According to Mercury Research’s latest data, NVIDIA has jumped from 77% of the discrete GPU market in Q4 2014 to 82% in Q2 2015.

This basically means that AMD has dropped from 23% to 18% (of the discrete GPU market). In other words, 4 our of 5 PC users prefer NVIDIA’s graphics cards over AMD’s.

Back in April, we reported that 3 out of 4 PC gamers preferred NVIDIA’s GPUs over AMD’s GPUs. And according to the latest reports from Mercury Research, this has been increased to 4 out of 5.

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And to be honest, this isn’t a big surprise. A lot of PC gamers were looking forward to the FuryX; a GPU that was advertised to be a huge deal. Well, the FuryX came and what PC gamers got was a new overpriced GPU that – in some scenarios – was not as fast as NVIDIA’s GTX980Ti.

And while the FuryX is definitely not a ‘failed’ product, it cannot come close to what the Radeon 9700Pro achieved┬áback in the days.