AMD/NVIDIA Market-Share Graph Shows NVIDIA Conquering, 3 Out of 4 PC Gamers Own an NVIDIA GPU

Beyond3D’s member ‘dbz‘ has shared an interesting graph, showing the percentage of purchased NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards over the past few years. As dbz wrote, this graph was made from aggregated quarterly reports, mainly from Mercury Research with fillers from JPR where Mercury’s figures were unavailable.

“Most should be verifiable via a quick search. Some of the older figures were collected via Business Week and the WSJ (amongst other publications) for 1995-2003 – most of which I’ve truncated from this graph since most of the graphics vendors from those years are now defunct/no longer making discrete graphics boards.”

This is a really interesting graph and shows NVIDIA’s dominance.

It will be interesting to see whether AMD will be able to recover with its new GPU that will be hopefully announced in the next coming months. Early reports claim that AMD’s R9 390X will be a really powerful card.

One thing is certain: an NVIDIA monopoly won’t benefit PC gamers. So here is hoping that AMD comes back with a punch.