AMD will fix, after all, the DX9 crashing issues in an upcoming hotfix

Yesterday, we informed you about a ridiculous statement from one of AMD’s technical support engineers who claimed that the newly introduced crashing issues on some DX9 wouldn’t be addressed via a future update. Naturally, this prompted a lot of AMD users to contact the red team and express their dissatisfaction and as a result of that backlash, the team announced that an upcoming hotfix will resolve these crashing issues.

As Terry Makedon, Director of AMD software strategy, tweeted:

“We will for sure fix this bug with SAGE engine games in an upcoming hotfix.”

In case you weren’t aware of, AMD’s latest Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition introduced some crashing issues on a number of DX9 games. Some of these games that are currently affected are Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars, Command & Conquer 3 Kane’s Wrath, Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight, Battle for Middle Earth 1-2 and The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

Here is hoping that AMD users won’t have to wait long in order to play all these DX9 games on their PC systems!