AMD confirms that its Ryzen CPU will be released this March, to be followed by Vega GPU in Q2 2017

During AMD’s fourth-quarter earnings, CEO Lisa Su announced that its Ryzen CPU will be released this March, and its upcoming Vega GPU will be released in Q2 2017. We already knew that AMD plans to release Ryzen in the first quarter of 2017, however it’s good knowing that the CPU will be indeed releasing in March.

Su also claimed that there will be widespread system availability from day one for Ryzen, so PC gamers will be able to purchase it without encountering major availability issues.

It’s worth noting that according to the GDC 2017 session scheduler, AMD plans to release the Ryzen CPU during this year’s GDC event. AMD has not confirmed or denied this rumour as of yet. Naturally, take it with a grain of salt.

While AMD has not revealed yet the price of Ryzen, it did reveal that it already has plans for successors to Ryzen. Su referred to those successors as “Zen 2” and “Zen 3.”

It will be interesting to see whether Ryzen will be coming at a challenging price, and whether it will put some pressure to Intel (its latest Kabylake high-end CPU disappointed a lot of funs as it did not offer any significant performance boost over the Skylake counterpart).