All Hell Breaks Loose – Black Mesa Source Is Now Available

This is it everyone, this is the time you’ve all been waiting for. Black Mesa Source, the stand-alone remake of Half-Life that is powered by the Source engine, has just been released. The vaporware of mods, the Duke Nukem Forever of mods, the mod that most thought would never see the light of day, the mod that has been under development for eight whole years… is finally here with us. PC gamers will need Source’s SDK to run Black Mesa Source. As we’ve said and before, this version of Black Mesa Source does not feature the Xen area of Half-Life.
Those interested can download it from its official website (that is currently down). Black Mesa Source is also available on Steam as it was greenlighted a couple of days ago. There is also a torrent file that can be found here (and we strongly recommend using it).
Enjoy everyone!
Black Mesa: Source - September 14th