Alien Isolation Xenomorph screenshots

Alien: Isolation – Linux System Requirements

Just the other day Feral Interactive, the same team that brought us the Linux ports of games like, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Company of Heros, and Shadow of Mordor, released the system requirements for their newest port: Alien: Isolation.


These system requirements are provisional and subject to changes before release.

Minimum Requirements

OS  Ubuntu 14.04.3 (64bit) or SteamOS

Processor 2.6 GHz


Hard Disk 35GB

Graphics 1GB*

Input Keyboard & Mouse

Recommended Requirements

OS Ubuntu 14.04.3 (64bit) or SteamOS or higher

Processor 2.6 GHz


Hard Disk 35GB

Graphics 2GB**

Input Gamepad

*Requires an NVIDIA 600 series or better running driver version 355.11 or better

**Requires an NVIDIA 700 series or better running driver version 355.11 or better

Intel and AMD GPUs are not supported.

A Steam account is required.

For our AMD users I am sure that these requirements are a bit upsetting, allow me to put you at ease. Although the requirements say that AMD GPUs are not supported it is likely that this will not be the case at launch. Even if Alien: Isolation does not officially support AMD GPUs it is more than likely that our friends on the Red Team will still be able to play this title, they just won’t get any support from the developers IF there are any issues.

The official release date for this port from Feral Interactive is currently unannounced, but you, the readers, will know as soon as we know.