Albino Moose Games is working on a new Nightmare Creatures game

Nightmare Creatures is a survival horror third-person game that was released back in 1997. And surprisingly enough, Albino Moose Games revealed that it is currently working on a brand new game in this long forgotten series.

This new Nightmare Creatures game will be set before and after the events of the original games. Players will join characters familiar and new as they race around the world to stop the hellish machinations of Adam Crowley, before he uncovers the secrets of the elixir.

Albino Moose Games has released the first trailer for this new Nightmare Creatures game that looks kind of meh. Yes, this is a WIP project, however its visuals seem similar those of the first PSX game? Okay okay, that’s an exaggeration, however it is not looking that great.

But anyway, we are certain that those ten fans of Nightmare Creatures will appreciate a new game in this series, so here you go!