Alaplaya announces a new update for Florensia

Alaplaya announced today the details of its next major update for maritime fantasy MMORPG Florensia. The latest expansion features new Combat Pet skills, an “attendance system,” and the return of the long-awaited Harbor Occupation War.

With this upcoming installment, Florensia’ s cute-yet-deadly Combat Pets can now use skills! Ranging from attack and defense to healing skills, a combat pet will prove to be the best companion a player can have on land or on sea. Players will also be able to fully customize their pets’ skill trees and purchase new skills from the Spirit Manager or the Florensia Item Shop.
In addition, a new “attendance system” will be introduced to the world of Florensia, which is designed to track players’ regular attendance and reward them for their dedication. By performing a simple check-in with the town manager, players can easily benefit from valuable bonuses such as a 20% EXP buff for 1 hour.
Last but not least, all guilds can participate in an epic 24 vs. 24 player event to fight for the ownership of harbors in Florensia’s big cities: Roxbury, Castle Hall, Glostem, and Cherrytown. Guilds that emerge victorious will be in control of the harbor they battled for, and will also have access to new features such as levying taxes on NPCs. Best of all, victors will earn bragging rights and can freely rub it in the faces of fellow Florensians. Round up your best mates and get ready to fight for glory, fame, and honor!