Alan Wake feature

Alan Wake Remastered rumored to be releasing on October 5th

In June, we informed you about the possibility of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Alan Wake Remastered coming to Epic Games Store. And while we don’t have any details about the former, it appears that the latter will release on October 5th.

Rakuten Taiwan may have just leaked the release date of Alan Wake Remastered. According to the store, the game will release on October 5th, and will be timed-exclusive on Epic Games Store.

Alan Wake Remastered will be, most likely, officially announced next week. My guess is that the game will feature higher resolution textures.

Now since CONTROL is one of the few games that heavily used Ray Tracing effects, it would be cool if Alan Wake Remastered featured similar effects. The game would definitely benefit from Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion and Shadows.

Stay tuned for more!