Alan Wake PC – SLI Workaround with amazing scaling

Alan Wake has just been released and as we’ve informed you, there isn’t currently any SLI profile for it. But alas, the PC community has found a temporary workaround for it. A lot of Nvidia users have been testing the available SLI profiles to see whether or not there was an SLI profile that could offer great scaling. Naturally, running the game in AFR2 let’s you use your SLI cards but unfortunately, the scaling is awful. Not only that, but there is a negative performance hit when SLI is enabled via that option. However, there is no reason to panic SLI owners, as there is a workaround and a game profile that offers great SLI scaling.
As always, PC gamers will need Nvidia’s Inspector Tool to do the changes on the fly. So, open the Inspector Tool and browse the available game profiles. Find the one for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin and add Alan Wake’s executable file. And there you have it. At the beginning you’ll get a lot of flickering but it will disappear after a few seconds.
If you can’t be bothered with Nvidia’s Inspector Tool, you can add the SLI flag manually. Simply create a profile for Alan Wake and add this SLI compatibility flag: “0x02502805”
Enjoy everyone and stay tuned for our Performance Analysis!

AMD has also released a new CAP driver that improves CrossFire performance. Those interested can download it from here.
After further testing, it appears that this profile is not working as good as we’d initially hoped to. The scaling is great, though there are occasions were it goes bellow 70%. Moreover, there are artifacts when there are enemies nearby and when fog is present. Seems that Nvidia will need to create a proper profile for this game after all. The green team is currently working with Remedy to resolve an issue and will post an SLI profile for it in the coming weeks. Still, the FEAR2 profile is good and will be appreciated by those with old SLI cards. We’ll try some other profiles to see whether we can get better results and we’ll update this post.