Alan Wake PC – More Details Revealed; polished graphics, Steamworks title, no GFWL support

So PC gamers, Alan Wake is coming to our platform. Wonder what changes were made? Well, here are some new details about that were revealed by Remedy’s writer, Mikki Rautalahti. According to Mikki, Remedy – with the help of Sandbox Strategies – are self-publishing the PC version of Alan Wake. Mikki said that Remedy was also frustrated with the fact that they could not port Alan Wake to the PC as it was out of their hands at the time. In other words, it seems that Remedy have reclaimed the rights of Alan Wake, otherwise they would not be able to self-publish it. Either that or Microsoft gave Remedy the green light for a PC version.
In addition, Mikki revealed that Alan Wake PC will be a Steamworks title and that it will not implement Microsoft’s GFWL. That’s some great news as we know that a lot of PC gamers hate GFWL. Alan Wake PC will also be more polished – from a technical point – and as Mikki suggested, it features graphical improvements that can be spotted on the first PC screenshot that was released yesterday. Mikki however did not want to comment on how far they went in improving the game’s visuals, but you can definitely notice some improvements to its textures.
Alan Wake PC is currently slated for an early 2012 release!