Anno 2070 – New Update Released; comes with improved stability and performance

BlueByte and Ubisoft released today a new update for their strategy game, Anno 2070, that comes with improved stability and performance for several system specs, fixes some of the game’s broken Achievements, increases the Unit limit, improves the AI behaviour, and fixes performance issues related to toll items. This updated will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its entire changelog after the jump!
Anno 2070 – New Update Changelog:
Main changes:
– First Ornamental Buildings for Ecos and Tycoons implemented.
– Stability and performance improved for several system specs.
– Unit limit increased.
– Fixed an issue in the winning screen of several campaign missons.
– Fixed a severe graphical issue that occurred on Windows XP with graphics cards of the ATI-Radeon-HD 2000 and 3000 series.
Additional changes:
– Fixed several small text issues, such as typos and overlappings.
– AI behaviour improved.
– Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to sink Keto as well as Trenchcoat using the EMP.
– Fixed performance issues related to toll items.
– Fixed an issue with the Start button.
– Fixed Achievements: “Floating Clearance “, “The Latest Technology”, “The Entire Tech Tree”, “Back to Nature”, “Too Good to Throw Away”.
– Fixed smaller issues in several quests
– Fixed smaller issues with the interface.