Alan Wake PC Details – Multi-GPUs are not recommended, 7970 able to handle 3-screen mode well

Alan Wake PC is coming in two weeks and we have some brand new information on it. First and foremost, those screenshots that were posted yesterday were from an earlier build and didn’t feature some re-worked textures. This is pretty evident at the ground textures that are blurry and according to Remedy’s Markus, the final build will look even better.
Moreover, Markus revealed something that might displease most owners of SLI/Crossfire systems. Alan Wake’s engine has lots of previous frame dependencies due to the way it’s constructed and as a result of that, the engine doesn’t ‘play nice’ with SLI/Crossfire GPUs. Markus promised that Remedy will look into it, but… well… don’t expect miracles. Unless Nvidia drops in and decides to help them. After all, the green team has enabled the SLI mode in Red Faction: Armageddon, so there is still hope.
Last but not least, Markus stated that a single Radeon 6970 or 7970 can handle the 3-screen mode in Alan Wake well. Markus didn’t reveal the possible settings or framerate, but we can asume that owners of such cards can enjoy this game in 3-screen mode with high details and a framerate above 30fps.
Alan Wake PC is currently slated for a February 16th release and will be soon made available for pre-order on Steam!
Markus has revealed some good news for AMD users, as Crossfire will be supported. All hope is not lost after all:
“Just today heard news that AMD had solved some CF issues and they claim a 60-75% perf boost when used with the CrossFire profile compared to single GPU. So all is not lost.”