Indie RPG game, Dark Delve, is now available on the PC

Checkmark Games has finally released their indie RPG, Dark Delve, on the PC. The game comes with a ‘pay what you want’ plan from its official website, meaning that you can get it for only $1 USD but come on, you should definitely pay something a little more. There is also a demo to try and can be downloaded from here.
Dark Delve is a first person dungeon crawler where the player explores a sinister dungeon and engages deadly monsters in exciting turn based combat.  Create a custom group of characters to dissolve a centuries old curse in the 6+ hour campaign or test your skill in one of several unique challenges available.  The dungeons abound with secrets to uncover and enemies to defeat.
Here are the game’s key features:
-Involving Combat System with special Chain Break attacks
-Performance in combat is rated with increased rewards for the highest grades
-Discover numerous secret doors and overcome puzzles and traps
-Complex boss battles test player tactics
-6 special Challenge scenarios that will test the
-Multiple difficulty settings and variable party size available to customize your challenge level
-Disarm Trapped treasure chests and obtain more than 100 unique items
-Each of the 3 character classes offer 3 distinct paths of advancement
-Deeds of Valor awarded for performing special tasks outside what is required (can you reach the Rat King’s lair while avoiding all combat encounters?)
Dark Delve gameplay video