Alan Wake is now available on GoG and is priced at $14.99 until May 15th

You know what? I really love Remedy. Okay okay, they pointed their gun on that fan-made movie (and I still believe that they shouldn’t) but they’ve done everything in their power to please PC gamers. Alan Wake PC was an incredible port, there was a significant post-launch support, Alan Wake: American Nightmare appeared on Steam’s registry meaning that the team is willing to bring this new Alan Wake game to the PC sooner than later and they made a great deal with GoG. If you haven’t purchased Alan Wake PC yet, here is your chance.
GoG has included Remedy’s title to their catalogue and the game is currently priced at only $14.99. This special offer will last until May 15th, so go ahead and get it while you still can. The GoG version includes the manual, a wallpaper, 3 ‘making of’ videos, 7 writer in the cabin videos, 9 Night Springs episodes, and Alan Wake Files book.
In Alan Wake, players control Alan Wake, author of popular detective fiction, who needs to find his wife in a perfect and fictional–yet nightmarish and dreadfully real–town of Bright Falls. The story is told in episodes in style similar to a mystery TV series, with each episode having its own plot but revealing new piece of the main puzzle as well. The story is filled with endless twists and cliffhangers, there are recap sequences at the beginning of a new episode, closing credits, and a lot of cinematic sequences–all of these combine to create a fantastic “film noir” atmosphere, unique to the world of PC horror games.
Alan Wake PC Trailer