NieR Automata PC screenshot

After more than four years, NieR Automata will receive its first PC patch

NieR Automata came out on PC in March 2017 and had not received a single patch. However, and after four whole years, that’s about to change. According to its official Twitter account, a new PC patch will come out soon for the Steam version of NieR Automata.

My guess is that this Steam patch will add all the improvements that were included in the game’s Windows Store version. Thus, Steam owners can expect proper fullscreen and resolution modes. Furthermore, this updated version will most likely have less stutters.

To be honest, I don’t expect Square Enix to implement or add any other tweaks or improvements. Still, this patch will make the Steam version as good as the Windows Store version.

Naturally, PC gamers will still need some mods in order to further improve their experience. For instance, we highly recommend using the Input Overhaul Mod which adds raw mouse input. I have finished NieR Automata with K&M thanks to this mod and I can tell you that the game works incredibly well with K&M (and its twin-stick sequences become really easy thanks to it).

We also suggest using this HD Texture Pack that overhauls numerous textures for it.