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WRC 10 releases in September 2021, first screenshots, Steam version confirmed

NACON has officially announced the next part in its WRC racing series, WRC 10. WRC 10 will release on the PC on September 2nd, 2021. Furthermore, and contrary to WRC 9, it will release simultaneously on both Epic Games Store and Steam.

WRC 10 will offer a unique anniversary edition, bursting with new features and driving thrills. A retrospective mode offers players the chance to relive 19 events that have shaped the history of the Championship. These challenging special stages put drivers’ skills to the test by imposing conditions specific to each era. Players will drive six historic rallies, including the legendary Acropolis Rally (Greece) and Rallye Sanremo (Italy), with over 20 of the WRC’s most iconic cars. And yes, you will find classic WRC cars from Alpine, Audi, Lancia, Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Toyota.

The game will also have improved physics to offer players an even more realistic experience. Control of aerodynamic forces, the turbo and braking have received particular attention on all surfaces, so that WRC 10 recreates ever more accurate and intense driving sensations. Immersion has also been increased with a completely reworked audio design for this new edition.

Below you can find the game’s announcement trailer, as well as its first screenshots.


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WRC 10 | Announcement Trailer