Abandoned feature

After 14 hours from its supposed gameplay debut, Abandoned has become one of the best trolling jokes ever

Blue Box Game Studios was supposed to reveal the first in-engine/gameplay/trailer for Abandoned yesterday. However, and after yet another delay, Abandoned has become one of the best trolling jokes ever.

Let’s take things from the beginning though, shall we? Blue Box was planning to release an interactive trailer for Abandoned via a PS5 application. Blue Box appeared confident about it as five minutes prior to the release date, it tweeted a small teaser (and asked gamers whether they were ready for it). However, Blue Box never updated its PS5 application, stating that there were some technical issues with it. And, 14 hours afterwards, there is still no trailer for Abandoned.

Now this isn’t the first time that Blue Box trolled gamers. Back in June, the team delayed its debut trailer the exact moment it was supposed to release it.

As I said back then, Blue Box has managed to keep the media’s attention simply by baiting gamers. Not only that, but it has increased tremendously its Twitter/Facebook followers. This is the best PR marketing stunt I’ve ever seen, so at least kudos to them. Furthermore, Blue Box’s CEO claims that this attention has put a lot of pressure on the team. And… come ooooooon now. The only one at fault here is Blue Box as it has been constantly baiting and switching gamers.

There have been numerous theories and rumors about Abandoned. Some suggest that it’s a Silent Hill game, some that it’s a Metal Gear Solid game. Some believe that Hideo Kojima is behind it, others that Konami is coming back. The latest theory/rumor suggests that Abandoned’s trailer will go live on August 12th (which is the b-day of P.T.). And if that’s the real plan here, why didn’t they do that in the first place? What was the meaning of delaying it to August 10th, just so they could – unofficially – delay it to August 12th? Again, a PR stunt and nothing more.

Now I have to be honest here. Even if this is a Silent Hill game, its marketing stunt got extremely ridiculous. I mean, there were gamers that were simply starring a PS5 screen with the message “Check back soon” for an entire hour. From my end, this is hilarious. Even if Abandoned turns to be a real game (and not a UE4 asset flip), the ride was really enjoyable (at least for me). Nevertheless, that’s not the proper way to treat your potential customers who want to play your game Blue Box.