7 minutes video of Cry of Fear; A horror TC for Half Life

We are pretty sure that most of you won’t know who Team Psykskallar are. Well, did you by any chance play the Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut or Resident Evil: Cold Blood mods for Half Life? No? Pitty. Team Psykskallar were the creators behind those fascinating mods and they are currently hard at work with their latest TC – total modification – for Valve’s legendary FPS.
Cry of Fear promises to be one of the best horror mods and although its graphics are dated, it has a great atmosphere and the magic – and ideas – of most indie games. Team Psykskallar also promises new gaming styles that are we’ll rarely find in other Half Life mods.
So a while back, the team promised to post an unedited 5 minute video of  gameplay from the mod if they reached 1000 “likes” on Facebook. According to them, the response from the community was truly astonishing and last night, their 1000th member “liked” them. In return, they made a 7 minutes of unedited video.
We should note that there are bugs in the video and that it contains some spoilers.