650 million people have downloaded and played Angry Birds in 2011; 200 million monthly active users

Rovio Entertainment have revealed their financial results for 2011 that came with some impressive numbers. According to the report, more than 648 million people have actually downloaded and played Angry Birds by the end of 2011. Impressive number, right? What’s even more impressive is the fact that there are 200 million monthly active users, playing Angry Birds across all active platforms.
Chief executive Mikael Hed said:
“The strong growth in revenue clearly demonstrates the popularity of the Angry Birds brand. The heavy investments made in 2011 to all business areas will be seen in future products. To ensure continuous success we need to be creative and stay focused on entertaining our millions of fans by continuously developing new and innovative products and services.”
In other news, Rovio has reported total revenues of €75.4m for 2011, with earnings before tax of €48m. To clarify things, Rovio has also revealed that 30% of their revenues came from their consumer products business, which includes merchandising and licensing income.
Angry Birds is selling like hotcakes and it will be interesting to see how things will be for this franchise in 2012. Let’s not forget that the newly released Angry Birds Space hit 50 million downloads in just 35 days. Casual gaming strikes back but what will this all mean how will it impact the ‘hardcore’ gaming industry? Only time will tell.