Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Beta Update Released; Film Grain Effect and DoF added

Bohemia Interactive has released a new beta version for the remake of the classic Carrier Command game. This second version of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission’s Beta fixes some issues that were reported from the community and adds a Film Grain effect, DoF and better weather effects. In addition, trees should appear like ‘dancing’ as the wind should be having a consistent effect on a collection of trees and the Map should be a little animated when you have zoomed out.
People can join the Play & Contribute Beta via Bohemia Interactive’s digital store, Here you have the option to seize the discounted Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C (19.99 EUR) or the premium Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C Supporter (39.99 EUR) deal. Both offers are available for a limited time.
The beta offers a compressed version of the Strategic Campaign, which invites you to take place behind the battle computer on board of an immense vehicle carrier. The goal is to conquer the breathtaking archipelago on planetoid Taurus (up to 9 islands in the P&C Beta – 30+ in the full game) and ultimately to destroy your adversary’s carrier.
Here is the changelog for the second version of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission’s Beta:
Fixed bugs:
– Corrupted save bug
– 0000188: Barque goods are not displayed automatically in EQUIP Mode
– 0000011: Description of Defense Drones is truncated
– 0000093: Attack in Bbad weather an argument is heard at the friendly island
– 0000160: own carrier permanent fire to unseen targets
– 0000065: Equipment lost if Carrier stack is full
– Carrier deck gun icon damage
– Repair system doesntdoesn’t consume fuel
– 0000048: Clicking Shift While Carrier is on Auto-Move Resets Carrier in Starting Position
– 0000041: Walrus Hooked on Manta creates Cattistrophiccatastrophic Ddamage during Aafterburner Iignition
– 0000035: Victory conditions
– 0000134: Plasma cannon does not depress below 0 degrees elevation
– 0000118: Start production before you have the correct amount of materials
– 0000038: Film Grain Effect (and DOF)
– 0000015: Map should be a little animated – out zoom
– 0000055: The trees are dancing! theThe wind should be having a consistent effect on a collection of trees
– Better weather