3D Horror Adventure ‘Lucius’ will terrify the PC this October, E3 trailer revealed

Publisher Lace Mamba Global today announced today the exact release date of their adventure game, Lucius. Lucius is scheduled to be available online and in retail stores from October 26th, 2012, onwards. In addition, the company released a brand new trailer that features some first glimpses of the horrific events of this upcoming 3D horror adventure for PC, and shows some first gameplay footage, taken from the latest pre-beta build.
Lucius is a new, upcoming 3D horror adventure. Players will have to orchestrate deadly accidents, using items, tools and hell’s powers such as Telekinesis and Mind Control. By combining classic adventure gameplay with the freedom of a 3D world, players will have to use their wits and follow hints to make sure they don’t leave any marks and can continue their evil mission until the very end.
Lucius E3 2012 Trailer