Crysis 3 is powered by CryEngine 3 Plus; PC gamers will receive some extra love, DX11 confirmed

Man, how things have changed. The original Crysis was an amazing PC FPS title but it’s sequel was really restricted by consoles. Even though Crytek said – back then – that its development would not be limited by consoles, we said immediately that that would not be the case. Crytek afterwards revealed that the game was developed with consoles in mind and that’s one of the reasons why the nanosuit was redesigned (in order to be fully playable with a gamepad). Fast forward a couple of months and here we are today with Crytek admitting that Crysis 2 was held back by consoles and that Crysis 3 will offer some extra love to the PC gamers.
First things first though. Crysis 3 is powered by CryEngine 3 Plus. Yeap, this is the next level of the CryEngine 3, as Crytek has been working, tweaking and updating their engine this whole time. According to Crysis 3’s producer Mike Read – in an interview with GameSpot – this new, enhanced engine gives Crytek the power to do some unique things. Well, Crysis 3 PC does look good but can’t even come close to Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313 or Square Enix’s and Nvidia’s tech demos. Is CryEngine 3 ready to compete with those next gen titles? We surely hope so, though Crysis 3 won’t be as impressive as the afforementioned tech demos.
Mike has also revealed that Crysis 3 will feature more open environments, compared to Crysis 2. Those environments will be showcased later this year. Not only that, but Crytek will try to push the envelopes of PC graphics this time around. That’s according to Mike at least. PC gamers will also receive a little bit of an extra experience with Crysis 3. Mike didn’t reveal what that extra experience would actually be, but our guess is that the PC version of Crysis 3 will come – from the start – with DX11 features and higher resolution textures. In fact, Mike confirmed in a live chat that the game will support DX11, so there you have it guys. Day-1 DX11 support.
You can find below GameSpot’s interview that comes with some PC footage from Crysis 3. Enjoy everyone!