2018 Will Feature New Square Enix Project

Final Fantasy XV development team Square Enix has been doing relentless work on the highly successful Final Fantasy XV even with it’s debut to PC Hajime Tabata confirms the team will be starting a new project in 2018.

Final Fantasy XV coming to PC and slaughtering all GPU’s in it’s path there is no doubt that the development team would be busy. Even with all that on their plate Square Enix director Hajime Tabata has come out and confirmed through IGN that the development team will begin working on a new project in 2018.

Tabata:  “Obviously we’re doing a lot of different things within the XV development team at the moment. But every single thing that we’re doing then really is something that we have to do to get the experience to move on to do our next project. So I think we will clearly be moving in that direction at the beginning of next year.”

“All of our work is going in the same direction. Because the more different things we do, the further we push Final Fantasy XV and take it in different directions, that expands the possibilities and the potential for our next project. It really is all going in the same direction,”

“I’m so happy that what we do to please the fans and give them what they want also comes back to aid us and make our next project all that much better. So it really does all synergize perfectly.”

Source: IGN


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