Hogwarts Legacy Mods - Batman Dick Grayson

Hogwarts Legacy gets Harry Potter Hermione, GTA: San Andreas CJ & Batman Dick Grayson Mods

Hogwarts Legacy came out earlier this month on PC, and as you’d expect, a number of character swap mods have appeared for it. Therefore, we’ve decided to share the most interesting ones.

Before continuing, I have to admit that I’m shocked that there isn’t any mod that allows you to play as Harry Potter himself. Seriously, I was expecting this to be the first character swap mod for Hogwarts Legacy. Not only that, but there isn’t any mod to let you play as Ron Weasley. Thankfully, though, a Hermione Mod is currently available for download.

There is also a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod that you can download. This mod allows you to play as CJ from Rockstar’s sandbox game. It looks a bit weird but hey, that’s why we have character swap mods. Genshin Impact fans can also find a mod that allows them to play Ayaka.

The most interesting character swap mod, however, appears to be the following one. This mod allows you to play as Dick Grayson (Robin) from the Batman games. Dick Grayson was the first Robin who then became Nightwing. The character model for Grayson is quite detailed and, ironically, it kind of fits into the world of Hogwarts. I mean, take a look at the following screenshots. Everything looks surprisingly well.

Hogwarts Legacy Mods - Batman Dick Grayson-1Hogwarts Legacy Mods - Batman Dick Grayson-2Hogwarts Legacy Mods - Batman Dick Grayson-3

Exploring Hogwarts Legacy with Robin

Lastly, and speaking of Hogwarts Legacy, there are two other cool mods that are available in Early Access. The first one is the VR Mod and the second one is a Multiplayer Mod.

Have fun!